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CALL TO ACTION! Protect Georgia Workers from New York Millionaires!


This week, Georgia State Senators are set to vote on a controversial anti-worker bill, HB 789, that will further rig the economy against working families and favor the interests of millionaire and billionaire corporations. HB 789, also known as the “Handy Bill”, is being pushed by New York City based company Handy.

Click here to find your Senator and tell them to vote no on HB789! Script at the end of the e-mail.

Why do millionaires from New York City care so much about Georgia’s employment laws? According to employment experts, it is because they want to avoid legal scrutiny and be off the hook for federal labor standards, Medicare and Social Security taxes. Companies like Handy take on all the benefits of being an employer like setting rates, schedules and collecting profits. However, they want to rig the rules in their favor by shifting their businesses’ tax and liability responsibilities onto us, the working tax-payers of Georgia.

Click here to find your Senator and tell them to vote NO on HB789! Script at the end of the e-mail.

This bill is already making waves under the Gold Dome. You can read more about the bill and Labor’s response here. Union members, community advocates and our allies are pushing back against this bill and the negative consequences it will have on tax paying Georgia families. At the same time, Handy’s political strategist admits that they are attempting to change Georgia law to rig it in favor of their business model, disadvantaging Georgia’s small business and making up the difference on the backs of Georgia workers.

Call your Senator now! Feel free to tell them your thoughts on this bill. If you would like a guide on how to have the conversation or leave the message, here is a script:

Hi my name is ___________. I am Senator ____________’s constituent and I will be voting this year. I live at (your address). I want to tell my senator to vote “NO” on HB 789. This bill is wrong for Georgia’s working families. Georgia’s working tax payers should not be left footing the bill for those who want to give themselves a leg up over local businesses by changing the law to fit their business model. I urge you to vote no if this bill comes to the floor.

After your call, please share your thoughts on social media, including any of the above articles and include “Tell your Senator to vote “NO” on #HB789” on your posts.