Southeastern Carpenters



Council Recommends Brian Strickland for Georgia Senate Election

The Southeastern Carpenters Regional Councilís policy is to support any candidate who supports working family issues. This policy has yielded positive results by supporting both Republicans and Democrats. It continues today and is reflective of our members.†

This notice is for information purposes for you to make an informed decision.

There is a special election on Tuesday January 9th, 2018 for the open Senate District 17 seat, which reaches Henry, Newton and Rockdale counties. Early voting, in person, has already begun and continues through Friday, January 5 at your countyís election headquarters in Henry, Newton, and Rockdale counties.†

The SECRC recommends Brian Strickland for Georgia Senate District 17. Brian is a former Georgia House member and is with us on the most important issue affecting our members: TAX FRAUD THROUGH WORKER MISCLASSIFICATION. Brian not only supports leveling the playing field addressing the tax fraud issue, but he also has given us direction on how to maneuver our issue through the legislative process.

How you vote is a personal decision. The Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council recommends Brian Strickland, as he would best represent Local 225 members.†For more information contact Brett A. Hulme, SECRC Political Director at 404-293-3596.†Make your voice heard. Vote on January 9th, 2018!†