Southeastern Carpenters



Members Step Up to Become Council Leaders

EST Tom Jenkins and the staff and officers of the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council are proud to recognize and congratulate the following group of elite members who recently completed the†212 Journeymen: Next Level UBC Leaderstraining. Open only to those who are already journeymen leaders, this training focuses on constructing and building UBC relationships on the job site. Participants learn business finance cause and effect, emotional intelligence for UBC Leaders, adult learning principles, and how to manage healthy conflict:

50: James Bolen, Timothy Hamby, Gerald Mullins

74: Brian Nelson

223: Larry Davis, James Schimanski

225: Eric Aguirre, Luis Corona, Joel De La Cruz, Antonio Eagle

256: Justin Blackwell, Corey Forrest

283: Brian Brown, Coley Couch, Charles Hodge, William Tulles, Christopher Young

312: Efrain Villatoro

318: Terra Mann, Cesar Romero, Matthew Spalding

345: Elisha Montanez

1209: Brian Dunlap, Gary Raper

Congratulations as well to our Councilís excellent group of 3rd Year Apprentices who recently completed leadership training at the UBCís International Training Center. The course,†3rd Year Apprentice: Helping to Build Our Industries,teaches these young members how professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude contribute to their success, and to the success of the contractors who employ them. They also gain a greater understanding of the UBC, industries served, and the important role they play for both.

50: Lucas Kimbrough, David Newport, Brady Potter, John Simms

74: Maria Aispuro, Caleb Davis

223: Lauren McEntire, Long Nguyen, Joshua West, Jamarrio Williams

225: William Cunningham, John Haddad, Ludy Hernandez Garcia, Isaiah Kathrein, Edwin Vargas

256: Darian Brooks, Benjamin Ipsen, Allah McQueen, Randall Simmons, Forrest Thigpen, Christopher Warner, Nicholas Williams

283: Matthew Cooper, 283 Jesse Flake, Ethan Harris, Henry Martin, Jennifer Sessions, Michael White, Temeshea Williams

318: Anthony Brown, Misty Cagle-Kirkland, Marcus Caldwell, Nakayla Moore-White, Tyler Roberson, Brett Roberts, Adrian Rodriguez Lemus, Jeffrey Young

1209: Coty Creighton, Erin Hensley, Nathaniel Merhoff, Hunter Thorp

Visit our Councilís member leadership page†to learn more about this vital training for any member who wishes to advance their career.