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NLRB loses its last Democratic board member

The National Labor Relations Board recently lost its only Democratic member when her term expired. The 5-seat Board is now governed by three Republicans only (the other vacancy is also a Democratic seat, which the Trump administration has yet to fill, since 2018). This is the first time in 85 years that the NLRB is not diverse: All three Republicans are white men. There are no women or people of color participating in NLRB rulings, even though women and people of color make up the majority of workers

Now, any ruling will be made without a dissenting view for the Trump board’s efforts, such as:

  • slowing down union elections
  • giving employers more time to campaign against the union
  • giving employers the ability to make unilateral changes without bargaining with their workers’ union
  • weakening remedies when employers break the law

The Economic Policy Institute has reported on the unprecedented rollback of workers’ rights happening at the hands of these three NLRB appointees. The EPI’s Working Economics Blog clearly outlines why this issue is so important - and potentially really harmful - to union members.

“Unfortunately, things are likely to get worse, not better. With no Democratic appointee there to provide an alternative or dissenting viewpoint on the Trump board’s actions, we are likely to see a continued rollback of workers’ rights under this bedrock statute that, after all, is supposed to protect workers’ rights,” - EPI Blog