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Gilligan, SECRC Political Director Brett Hulme, Keatley, and Cannon

SECRC-Backed Candidates Achieve 79% Success Rate in Georgia Primaries

The SECRC supports ANY candidate who supports Carpenter issues, especially Tax Fraud/Payroll Fraud. 

Now that the latest round of run-off elections in Georgia is over, we are happy to report that, for the first time ever, SECRC-backed candidates won 79% of their races!

The SECRC supported Georgia Secretary of State candidate John Barrow (D) and Georgia Labor Commissioner candidate Richard Keatley (D), both of whom won. We backed five Republican State Legislators and nine Democratic State Legislators, and all but one of those candidates won. The SECRC backed eight local races in Augusta & Chatham County BOE (Savannah), and four won.

In all, 19 of the 24 candidates who support carpenter issues were victorious in their run for office. Relationships matter, and the SECRC is becoming a player in the Georgia political arena!

At the June monthly meeting of Atlanta Carpenters Local 225, a group of legislators stopped by to personally thank the membership for their support and efforts: State Rep. Sheri Gilligan (R); Richard Keatley Candidate (D) for GA Labor Commissioner; State Rep. Park Cannon (D), and State (R) Rep. Todd Jones (not pictured).

Dickerson, Henson, Hulme, Lopez, and LU225 Business Manager and Council Rep Calvin "Bo" Garrett

Another group of lawmakers met with Local 225 membership at the Union’s July meeting to thank the membership. Attending were State Rep Pam Dickerson (D); State Rep Michele Henson (D) and State Rep Brenda Lopez (D).  

Atlanta Carpenters Local 225 and the SECRC are building relationships to last with lawmakers. These relationships allow education on the Tax Fraud/Payroll Fraud issue in Georgia and how the public is affected by the practice of misclassifying workers.