Southeastern Carpenters



Tennessee Endorsed Candidates for the Nov. 6 Elections

The SECRC supports any candidate, regardless of party, who supports carpenter family issues. This approach is effective and also reflective of our membership. These Tennessee candidates support workers' rights and agree with our Council on addressing Tax Fraud through the misclassification of workers.

The SECRC recommends the following candidates based on labor issues, because we believe they will best serve your interests as carpenters in the November 6 Tennessee general election:

U.S. Senate: Phil Bredesen (D)

Governor: Karl Dean (D)

State Senate District 7: Jamie Ballinger (D)

State Senate District 9: Mike Bell (R)

State Senate District 29: Raumesh Akbari (D)

State Representative District 5: David Hawk (R)

State Representative District 46: Clark Boyd (R)

State Representative District 47: Mike Winton (D)

State Representative District 49: Chris Mayor (D)

State Representative District 51: Bill Beck (D)

How you vote is a personal decision. The SECRC recommends these candidates because they would best represent our members.

For more information, contact Brett A. Hulme, SECRC Political Director, at 404-293-3596.

Make your voice heard. Vote on November 6, 2018!