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SECRC Political Efforts Earn Outstanding Results from the November Election Cycle

Each election cycle, the SECRC interviews and identifies candidates from both parties who support issues that help union carpenters earn a good living and good quality of life. When possible, we contribute to the campaigns of these candidates for state and local races (only). We also help by phone banking, door knocking, and other political activities. In the last election cycle of November 2022, here’s how your council fared: 


Overall, SECRC-supported candidates won 75 of 90 races – an 83% winning percentage!



In these races, the UBC provides political contributions, not the SECRC. The UBC contributed $77,500 to races in our five-state Council. We are happy to report that our supported candidates won 78% (14 of 18) of the races:


Tennessee: We won 2 of 3 (67%) for U.S. Congress - Republican Tim Burchett and Democrat Steve Cohen

North Carolina: We won 5 of 6 (83%) for U.S. Congress - Democrats Deborah Ross, Kathy Manning, Alma Adams, Wiley Nickel, and Jeff Jackson

Georgia: We won 7 of 9 (78%) races - Raphael Warnock for US Senate, and Democrats Sanford Bishop, Hank Johnson, Nikema Williams, Lucy McBath, and David Scott for U.S. Congress


State & Local

For state and local races, the SECRC donated $39,450. We are happy to report that our supported candidates won 85% (61 of 72) of the races:


Tennessee: We won 15 of 18 (83%) races - 5 of 5 for State Senate, 9 of 10 for State House, and LaVergne Mayor.

North Carolina: We won 15 of 17 (88%) races - 6 of 6 for State Senate, 5 of 5 for State House, and 4 of 4 for Mecklenburg County Commissioners 

Georgia: We won 31 of 37 (84%) races - 11 of 11 for State Senate and 20 of 21 for State House.



Why It Matters

The SECRC practices “Carpenter Politics,” an inclusive and non-partisan effort to support candidates who champion the goals of working people, promote needed infrastructure investments, and support fair trade. When these candidates are in office, we have a voice on the local, state, and federal legislative floor. Having these allies enables us to help push for laws that benefit union carpenters. There’s a great example:


Political activity is an important function of our Locals and Council. Members are encouraged to attend government meetings and public hearings where issues affecting them are discussed and to reach out directly to the officials they helped elect. Many thanks to the brothers and sisters and their families and friends who helped our efforts in this election cycle. Get a closer look at just some of the volunteers:

Get involved! We need every carpenters’ voice to be heard in our halls of government! Learn more at

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