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Dear Fellow Brothers and Sisters;

I am extremely proud of the men and women who go to work everyday as members of the SECRC. You are the face of our Council. Your commitment to safely produce great work with a positive, teamwork-oriented attitude speaks volumes to the level of professionalism that a SECRC carpenter brings to every job site.

The potential to expand market share in our jurisdiction is excellent. We need all hands on deck to staff this work. Be ready! I urge you to remain up-to-date with skill upgrade training and certifications or qualifications.

We are aggressively recruiting to fill our pipeline with both new apprentices and experienced carpenters. We are working closely with the military to attract veterans who would be a great fit with our Brotherhood. As these new members join the SECRC, your role as a good union member can help us keep our ranks strong.

Be active in your Local. Volunteer for political action. Be on guard for misclassification scenarios and report what you find to your council representative.

Set an example.

The amount of effort we all put into this Council will return positive benefits to us, both in the near and long term. As the construction industry evolves, the contractors who are able staff projects with competent workers — those who are skilled and have a good attitude — will continue to be an asset to project owners, and that means more work opportunities for us.

Thank you for your dedication to the SECRC and your diligence in making sure our employers have an elite workforce that helps them stay competitive. Keep up the great work and feel free to let me know if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions!

— Thomas H. Jenkins, EST

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