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Foreman Training: Building A Solid Foundation

The importance of strong leadership and sharp management skills on the jobsite is invaluable.

THE UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS (UBC) places a top priority on developing the total professional: Carpenters who are not only technical experts in their craft, but who also demonstrate effective communication and leadership qualities. The UBC takes a proactive approach to preparing these types of professionals through its Foreman Training program, where our members learn to be successful professionals on and off the job site.

Participants learn the importance of productivity and develop plans to improve performance on the job following their training. As a result, these formally-trained Foremen have a greater understanding of their role and what it takes to be successful in that position.

This program looks at the leadership role of the foreman as a planner, communicator, production manager, crew supervisor, and problem solver. Participants learn the importance of productivity and develop plans to improve performance on the job following their training.

Foreman Training

Personal Leadership

We train our best candidates to be leaders who motivate workers, communicate effectively, and solve problems. They are specifically trained to:

  • Partner with project owners to solve problems and complete tasks to exceed customer satisfaction
  • Leverage new technologies, installation methods, and materials to increase work value
  • Address challenges that surface during a project in a manner that keeps productivity humming.

Creating A Strong, Informed, Educated Core Of Leaders And Members For The Future

Who is Eligible?

The Foreman Training Program: Building a Solid Foundation is for Southeastern Regional Council members who have worked as a foreman a minimum of nine months. Participation must be sponsored by supporting contractors. All requests for participation are coordinated through the Southeastern Regional Council of Carpenter’s office.

Foreman Training

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

How it Works

The Foreman Training program is a five-day, highly interactive and activity-based program. An actual project is used from start to finish to allow participants the opportunity to practice applying the skills being learned. The Foreman Training program includes:

  • The Role of the Foreman
  • Foreman as Manager/Leader
  • Major Responsibilities of a Foreman
  • Foreman as Planner
  • Foreman as Production Manager
  • Foreman as Communicator
  • Foreman as Crew Supervisor
  • Foreman as Problem Solver
  • Back Home Planning

Each of these responsibilities is examined in relation to the process of running the three main phases of a project: pre-job/job start-up, peak construction, and project close-out. Numerous tools, tips and techniques are provided for use as reference back on the jobsite.

Training takes place at the UBC’s International Training Center in Las Vegas. Participants arrive mid-morning on Sunday, and return home late afternoon Friday. The Carpenters International Training Fund pays for flights, housing, and all meals for the participants. Hourly wages and benefits for that week shall be provided by each participant’s employer.

Foreman Training

Job Specific Knowledge and Skills

Foreman Training


Engaging Members — Foreman Mentoring

Select Foremen receive videos from construction industry productivity expert Mark Breslin’s Professional Construction Leader (PCL) Video Series. PCL is an on-demand video library providing leadership strategy, practical advice and inspiring messaging to transform field leaders. Great content is combined with cutting-edge micro-learning lessons and delivered with the flexibility of mobile technology. This coaching content meets the needs of field leaders by reaching them when and where it fits them best. And it is in their language by someone who stood in their shoes.

The Foreman Training Program is not an open-enrollment program. All requests for approval to attend this program must be coordinated through the Southeastern Regional Council of Carpenter’s office.

Interested in our Foreman Training Program?
This training is ideal for general contractors whose foremen oversee a project or crew.

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