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Reciprocal Information

As you become aware of your benefit plan you will see the importance of having all your contributions going to the same trust fund (your home fund). If you work out of your home trust area for a signatory employer an important tool for maintaining your vesting requirements and health & welfare is the “Reciprocal Form”, (Money follows the person), available by clicking the link below, or at your local union or fund office. This form should be properly filled out and signed by you and turned in to the out of area fund in order to transfer contributions made on your behalf from the employer back to your home fund. If you accept employment out of your home trust fund area, YOU THE MEMBER, are responsible to make a request for a reciprocal form. Once a reciprocal form is on file with a fund in most instances it remains on file until you revoke it.

Members working outside of the jurisdiction of their home local will need to complete a reciprocal form for both the H&W Fund and the Pension Fund. This allows the funds in the jurisdiction in which the member is working to transfer all of their benefits back to their home funds. A reciprocal must be completed and submitted within 120 days of the hire in date. Failure to do so may result in benefits not being reciprocated. These forms can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link below, or by contacting your local home fund. If you should require assistance in completing the form(s) contact your Local Union or Fund Office.

The links below provide access to files and forms related pension and benefits.

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