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Every day, thousands of women play a critical role in making the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America the best union in North America.

It is no different for us here in the Southeastern USA. Professional craftswomen are in every area of the trade and the union. We are foremen, superintendents and lead instructors. On job sites, we are skilled carpenters performing work as scaffolders, pile drivers, floor layers, drywallers, framers, concrete formers, and more.

Sisters are indeed helping to build Today’s UBC throughout their work with the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council.

Our Council’s Sisters in the Brotherhood program supports female members by providing assistance in obtaining craft training and leadership skills; by being advocates on women issues; and by mentoring new members and potential members.

SIB conferences offer opportunities to network and participate in workshops and develop skills to become more active within the union. SIB events, meetings, and resources, both local and online, offer substantive support for women members in every Council.

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Maddy Patrone of Local 50 is a Rising Star at UCOR

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“This Union has always stood for fairness and the rights of all workers.”

—Douglas J. McCarron UBC General President

Thousands of Women Have Found Successful Careers in the UBC

From delivering high-quality performance to supporting Union causes, Sisters in the Brotherhood makes contributions that help build a better trade and a stronger UBC:

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Sisters in the Brotherhood

A woman’s best bet for a rewarding career in carpentry

  • Are you searching for a career but unsure of where to go?
  • Do you enjoy working with your hands?
  • Want to earn an excellent wage, fringe benefits, and a pension?
  • Do you want to learn new skills?
  • Are you up for a rewarding challenge?

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Together, we are stronger!

Sisters in the Brotherhood

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Sisters in the Brotherhood
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