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Solar Power Generation:
Building Renewable Energy

Southeastern carpenters and pile drivers are playing a critical role in establishing solar farms throughout the region. The Southeastern Carpenters are uniquely positioned to provide everything that solar and clean energy companies need to get projects completed quickly, correctly, and safely.

Solar Panels

Our Solar Training

Our Solar Installer program teaches the types, designs, components, and installation methods for photovoltaic systems used in various renewable energy applications. Mechanics learn solar cell technology, how solar radiation produces power, basic electricity, array location, and assembly. We collaborate with project owners and offer special training tailored to your unique techniques and procedures. Mechanics learn about the materials they will encounter and techniques they will need for your project, whether it is utility scale, the roofs of new construction, or retrofitting buildings.

Find us throughout...

Alabama — Georgia — North Carolina
South Carolina — Tennessee

Your ROI

Your Return on Investment with a Southeastern Carpenter partnership provides:

  • Access to a U.S. Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • A clear path to compliance with IRA tax incentive requirements
  • Manpower coverage throughout the south
  • Customized training for individual jobsite situations
  • Workers with the necessary certifications and/or qualifications
  • Access to experienced crews who have already completed installations ahead of schedule and under budget
  • 24/7 Support


  • Wrap around capabilities: We cross-train a range of carpentry skills so that, not only is solar installation handled expertly, but also an array of carpenter services to comprehensively service your clean energy program.

Step Inside Our Many Training Facilities...

Our 12 Training Facilities across five states service more than 6000 carpenters every year. We prepare them for certifications and qualifications in the training centers or on job sites so they quickly learn the content, gain their skills and credentials, and get to work. Modern equipment and solar mockups provide real-world experience. Expansive shop floors and outdoor training areas cater to training of all skills.

Solar Training

Additional Capabilities

Priority on Safety

In conjunction with OSHA,training includes:

“We continue to be successful in our efforts to secure this work now and into the future work. Our members can look forward to a prosperous and successful solar farm installation campaign.”

Special Attention to Safety

Safety is our top priority on every project. Our standards on job site safety include:

Using solar power will save customers millions in electrical fees over the lifetime of each farm. Universal solar energy centers provide zero-emissions power to the grid and are designed to avoid wetlands and minimize any impact on natural surroundings. The panels sit low to the ground, at about 6-to-8 feet high, on racks that fit directly into the soil and do not require any concrete.

Leadership and Productivity

Solar worker foremen and superintendents are specifically trained to:

With improved technology and economies of scale in production, the cost of solar power continues to drop, making it more competitive with fossil fuels. With an increase in marketplace acceptance and government incentives, solar power is the fastest growing industry in North America.

Superior Training. Professional Craftsmen. Productive Workforce.
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